Holistic Development

Nasra Public School is a K to 10 Matriculation system,
where holistic approach of development of each child is focused.


Early Childhood Education & Development (Grade Nursery to II)


As the early stages of life are crucial years for growth and the acquisition of skills, Nasra Public School (NPS) has a pre-primary section consisting of the nursery, junior prep, and senior prep levels. Located across all schools, this program caters to children aged 2.5 to 3.5 years old. For many children, these years may mark their first transition to an unfamiliar environment which provides interaction and experiences outside of their family and home life. At this age, children are also learning their first skills, acting independently and engaging in meaningful social interactions and communication. As the learning environment is of utmost importance to the social, cognitive, and emotional development of children, NPS has ensured that a safe and welcoming environment is present in all schools. Highly qualified, specially trained, and dedicated teachers ensure that the children they are responsible for, feel secure in their care and develop strong supportive relationships with them. The updated air-conditioned nursery classrooms are specially designed to enliven the curious mind of a young learner, with each corner designated as a certain learning center or interest area. These include an audiovisual corner with an LED that enables learning through educational media, a Play corner equipped with a slide, and a Reading area, allowing children to explore their interests with supervised hands-on learning.


Furthermore, the classrooms are fully furnished with a large table and comfortable sitting area, a reading shelf, and an activity area complete with a variety of toys, puzzles and stimulating play choices, enabling them to experiment to their fullest. The availability of such activities and equipment promotes the awareness and understanding of young children who are able to thrive in an environment that provides them with the tools they require to spark their creativity and independence. NPS follows a High Scope approach to teaching which centers around active learning, where children gain knowledge through their natural play and interactions with their environment and with other people. Due to this, the development of a supportive classroom community and conducive learning environment is of utmost importance.

With a focus on quality, affordability, and accessibility for all, our program aims to build communication skills, interaction, and creativity of students in the years where it truly matters. 

Primary Education

Grade III to V


The Nasra Public School (NPS) Primary School covers Grades 1 to 5, providing the first stages of formal education in a young student’s life. The Primary School aims to inculcate knowledge, skills, and values within students that will serve as the foundation for their future education and careers, with the aid of materials and textbooks of the Oxford curriculum. These international education system materials are taught with a special focus on preparation for the local system of Higher Education.

Recently, instructors in the primary school have undergone extensive training according to the model of Bloom’s Taxonomy. This classification of learning outcomes and objectives was created in 1956 by Benjamin Bloom, an educational psychologist at the University of Chicago, and is a powerful tool that transforms the way teacher’s teach and student’s learn. The revised model consists of six hierarchical levels of learning: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. This more dynamic conception of classification is applied by our teachers in the classroom to encourage intellectual learning and independent thought processes, by building upon lower-level cognitive skills to encourage higher-order thought. 


According to these principles, a student centered curriculum has been designed which focuses on individual learning and on the way students think, rather than the traditional focus on content, instruction, and data. The principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy are applied by our teachers in a number of ways in the classroom, enabling them to create assessments, plan lessons, evaluate the complexity of assignments, and establish learning goals and objectives. Through this strategic system of organizing lessons, student growth can be charted by their instructors and student learning is prioritized.


Grade VI to X


Nasra Public Schools (NPS) Secondary School caters to students in Grades 6 to 10, guiding them through the final years of their school lives. Under the guidance of qualified and dedicated teachers, students are able to excel in their studies and establish themselves as confident and critical thinkers. Our Secondary Schools follow the Matric board system and offer the science group of subjects in two streams: Pre – Medical and Computer Science. Highly qualified and trained teachers guide students in their academic journey, supporting them in their learning and in the preparation for their board exams. As in the Primary Schools, teachers have recently been trained through Bloom’s Taxonomy, a model of learning through six specific levels: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. This classification alters the way teachers teach and is applied by them in classrooms to create a student centered curriculum which encourages intellectual learning and higher order though processes. Furthermore, our campuses are equipped with facilities to help students excel, including a well-equipped science lab and a computer lab that enables students to completely explore and learn their chosen subject group. NPS aims to not only enable students to achieve academic excellence, but also equips them with the values and skills necessary to cope with the demands of the 21st century, putting a special focus on producing individuals who are able to rationalize their thoughts, formulate their own opinions, make arguments and work with determination.


Moreover, our schools combine extra-curricular activities with academics. As a result, the students do not just do well academically but also learn the importance of collaboration and competition, and have a chance to express and develop their creativity. NPS offers a number of co-curricular activities with an emphasis on sports, most significantly a well-developed taekwondo program that builds the confidence and character of students. Competitions for these sports are also organized and held throughout the year, encouraging meaningful interaction and cooperation between students who are encouraged to participate. Through this, we aim to help students pursue their chosen academic field as well as discover other areas of interest so that they can become well-rounded and independent individuals.


Head Office: 13, Block-7/8, Modern Cooperative Housing Society, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi. 


Email: info@nasrapublicschool.edu.pk 
Phone: + 92 (21) 3236 1313 



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