Following steps are required to be completed for admissions.


Application Form Submission

Application forms are available at each campus. Forms are issued upon registration and paying a small application form fee. 


Assessment Test & Interview

Students are called for assessment and interview before the admission is finalized. On successful completion of assessment and interview, Admission Fee voucher is genrated.


Admission Fee Deposit

Once the paid voucher is submitted to the school, the admission is confirmed and GR number and CID number are assigned.


Assessment process for admission

Nursery & JP | Observational Assessment

For initial year, child is assessed through observational assessment in order to evaluate pre-existing communication and comprehension skills

SP to VIII | Written Test & Interview

From Grade SP onwards, a written test is mandatory to assess the knowledge and skill level of the candidate for admission.

Post written test, a face to face interview is conducted to validate written test and to assess other soft skills.

Fee Structure - Session 2024-25

Application Form Fee

Rs. 500

One time (Non-refundable) | To be paid at the time of Registration and issuance of application form.

Admission Fee 

Rs. 10,000

One time | Paid once at the time of admission. | Rs. 10,000, charged in 4 months @ Rs. 2,500 per month.

Security Deposit

Rs. 5,100

One time (Refundable) | Deposited once at the time of admission | Rs. 5,100, charged in 4 months @ Rs. 1,275 per month.
Note: (Refundable at the time of withdrawal subject to clearance of all dues and receipt of written application, one month prior to withdrawal date). 

Annual Charges

Rs. 5,100

Annual | In first four months of new session | Rs. 5,100, charged in  4 months @ Rs. 1,275 per month.

Standard Tuition Fee

Rs. 5,100

Monthly | Billed on 1st of every month.
Note: Special concession on fee is offered at various campuses. Please contact Campus Headmistress for campus specific concessions. 

Re-admission Fee

Rs. 5,100

One time | applicable in case of re-admission only.

Classwise age criteria for admissions

Note: Children falling under 6 months overlap period can be considered for either of the classes based on assessment.
e.g. 4 years 9 months child can be considered either for class JP or SP.

Grade / ClassMin Age  Maximum Age
Nursery2 Years 6 Months4 Years
Junior Prep (JP)3 Years 6 Months5 Years
Senior Prep (SP)4 Years 6 Months6 Years
Grade I5 Years 6 Months7 Years
Grade II6 Years 6 Months8 Years
Grade III7 Years 6 Months9 Years
Grade IV8 Years 6 Months10 Years
Grade V9 Years 6 Months11 Years
Grade VI10 Years 6 Months12 Years
Grade VII11 Years 6 Months13 Years
Grade VIII12 Years 6 Months14 Years
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Admission related FAQs

Our presence is at several location across Karachi city. Please follow link for more detail.

Campus Locations

Campuses can be visited
Monday to Friday - between 0830 Hrs. to 0930 Hrs. and 1200 Hrs. to 1300 Hrs.
Saturday (Feb - Apr) between 0900 Hrs. to 1300 Hrs.

Registration for admission can be done at any time. Admissions are opened  two months prior to the new academic session. 

NPS follows academic year as per Govt. of Sindh's notification. Currently the new sessions starts in April and ends in March of the following year. 

Generally it is encouraged to take admission at the beginning of new academic year, however under special circumstances, student may be accommodated, subject to availibility of seat and assessment results. Student must be able to demonstrate the knowledge the skill level accordingly.


Head Office: 13, Block-7/8, Modern Cooperative Housing Society, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi. 


Phone: + 92 (21) 3236 1313 



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