Students' Life

Students' life at NPS

All students at NPS get unique opportunity to explore their full potential. Academics combined with co-curricular activities bring the best out of any child and prepares them for their future endeavors.


STEM and Art (STEAM)

STEM and Art exhibitions serve as a platform for young minds to showcase their learning and understanding of the concepts learnt in school and depicts the implementation of real life working models. Through these, students get an opportunity to hone their scientific talents as well as explore their artistic capabilities to their fullest.


Sport & Taekwondo

NPS places special emphasis on sports to boost the confidence and character of students. It does this through regular scheduled sports activities and most significantly, through a well-developed Taekwondo program. The Annual Sports Day brings together students from all the campuses to compete in various athletic events, igniting a sense of friendly competition. All students participate on this day, enabling them to learn notions of team work, fair play and of overcoming one’s own limits through sports.


Poetry elocution & Debate Competitions

Every child is a star on Poetry Elocution Day, getting the chance to perform a selected poem in front of full audience. The competition aims to make students comfortable with public speaking, boost their confidence and inculcate an appreciation for poetry and literature.



We believe in pushing the creative bounds of our students, which is why we give them complete control and freedom over their projects on Open–Project Day. Exploring fields from Language to Math, students work hard to develop their projects and then present them in front of their parents, teachers and friends who are invited to visit the school on that day.


Environmental activities

We hope to inculcate a sense of respect and care for the environment in our students. Through Plant Day and various environmental activities, we aim to inspire our students to learn about the environment around us while playing an active role in their community by learning to nurture the plants that make up our environment.


Field Trips

Students are provided with the opportunity to explore various venues through planned filed trips related to their age.

Students visit places such as Museums, Zoo, Oxford Printing Press, factories etc. to learn about history, technology, processes and our national assets. Such trips help stimulate their curiosity and widens their thinking canvas. 


Special Days & Season Celebration

Students celebrate various International days and seasons which helps them to connect with the Global world that they live in today. Their understanding about important events and days are enhanced through such engagements.


Parent - Teacher Meetings (PTM)

Parents play a vital role in a students' learning process and the learning triangle of students, teacher and parent remains ineffective without close coordination between all three.

Four PTMs are conducted during the Academic session to gain maximum benefit of the learning triangle.


Head Office: 13, Block-7/8, Modern Cooperative Housing Society, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi. 


Phone: + 92 (21) 3236 1313 



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